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Home Page Photos

Members are invited to send any interesting fortification photos they have taken to for use on the home page gallery.  The top banner image is of Fort Ronce on the French-Italian border and was taken by FSG member Mike Brock.

All images below are links to higher resolution copies.

Forte de Graca (Charles Blackwood)

Located 1km north of Elvas in Portugal, construction of Forte de Graca (also known as Fort Conde de Lippe) commenced in 1763 to keep the defences of Elvas in step with the development of longer ranged artillery. Elvas itself is enclosed by an angle bastion trace dating from 1640 which are a dry ditch development of the Dutch System. Elvas is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For more details see:


Landguard Fort, Felixstowe (Simon Barrass)

As illustrated in the photo, Landguard Fort has been repeatedly reworked over the years to keep up to date with developments in fortifications and artillery. The brickwork seen to the right is part of a bastion of the fort of 1749, which was already the third fort on the site. The granite casemates were added in 1876 as part of the Victorian works, which also included the unusual quarter spherical shield at the end of the caponier. Above and behind this are two director towers for a twin 6 pounder battery constructed in 1940. This was built on top of a 4.7-inch QF battery dating from 1900, which itself replaced an earlier battery associated with the 1749 fort.


Austratt Battery Turret, Norway (Charles Blackwood)

Following an RAF bombing raid on Kiel Harbour in February 1942, the battleship Gneisenau was badly damaged. The aft 'C' turret mounting three 280mm guns was removed and installed as the main armament of a new battery at Ørlandet in Norway to protect Trondheimsfjord. Work to mount the turret was started in 1942 and the guns were test fired in 1943. Six levels containing the ammunition hoists, motors, pumps and hydraulic machinery for the operation on the guns lie under the turret.

For more details see the article by Svein Wiiger Olsen and Terry Gander in FORT 34.


Bofors 75mm Gun at Bolærne Fort (Charles Blackwood)

A total of 106 75mm turrent mounted Bofors guns were manufactured in Sweden between 1958 and 1974, of which 16 were installed in Norway in six batteries, work starting in 1972 at Bolærne Fort. Designed for coastal defence against small fast moving surface vessels the guns with their associated ammunition feed system were capable of 15 rounds per minute. The turrets were the only part of the batteries visible from the sea, but each was only 2.3 metres wide and covered in an irregular shaped plastic camouflage cover.

For more details see the article by Svein Wiiger Olsen in FORT 36.


Fort du Portalet, Pyrenees (Charles Blackwood)



First World War Pillbox, Norfolk (Simon Barrass)